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Just after the third and final session was finished.

The tattoo is based on the following bit from the book Serpent Mage (Vol. 4 of The Death Gate Cycle):

The dragon struck, pinioned the snake’s body. Claws sank deep into the scaled flesh.

The serpent writhed and twisted in fury. Its head coiled around, it snapped at the dragon, but the dragon was careful to keep just out of reach of the venomous jaws. […] The dragon, great wings straining, lifted the king snake from the ground, soared into the air. The serpent dangled from its claws. 

The king snake fought, lashing with its tail, striking out again and again with its head.

Done freehand by Jonah @ Wintership.

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Photographer: Izzy Berdan
Model: Aaron Foster
Please do not remove credit

We know some handsome people…

a little more adult oriented than what I usually post, but Aaron is a good guy and boy, does he look sharp! I appreciate the fact that his body takes a lot of continual maintenance- tattoos, piercings, and most mods are “one-and-done” where bodybuilding is a real commitment. 

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hello internet I have this on my body forever

Very cute!

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behold! High nostrils and now… Highroes? Love you, @mateoway (and you, @false_mrsa …we FINALLY took photos for you)

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